9 Reasons Why Email Marketing is Still the Best Way to Generate Leads

Emails are the first revolution of communication in the digital industry. They are vibrant and powerful. Even though there are numerous ways to perform marketing, emails are still finding their own way out. Consider someone who does not have Email. Isn’t bizarre? That’s how emails have become part of our lives. Also, as a marketing tool, they are powerful and vibrant. It is the best way to connect with people across. Here is the article that explains why email marketing is the best way to generate leads for your business.

Why Email Marketing?

More than 2.5 Billion people use email, which is 34% of the people worldwide? Also, Radicati Group, who framed the survey of email users, found that in the next two years this will increase up to 2.8 Billion. Interestingly, they also revealed that 196 billion emails are sent every day. And out of which 109 Billion are business email only.

Email marketing is a personal way to reach to the desired customers. They can tailor messages to customer actions. If you are looking to connect with your customer through your product ideas, then emails are the best trick. Once you have found the potential customers, it is easy to stay in touch with long-term even without any direct sale.

Why Are Leads important?

Leads are the most organic way to maintain open communication with the target customer. To put it simply, consider you are in the baseball game. What will be your objective of the game? To win the game or to just to make it to the roster? The leads are similar to them. Only when you generate leads, you are building the audience to engage with the brands. And emails are just one step away from making your leads to turn in a customer.

If you want to set the successful inbox, here are primary steps that you need to follow.

1. Stay with your audience through content

The main purpose of email marketing is to allow the reader to interact with the brand. Honestly, even in your mailbox, there will be full of emails that had gone unread or skimmed. It is worse than throwing in the trash. But what sets you apart is your content. The interactive message meets the customer’s eye.

79% of the content marketers agree that interactive messages enhance retention. Say, for instance, “Hi! You are special to us” and “We have an offer for you” give the feeling that you are thinking of them. People who have already subscribed to your mailing list have already made a commitment to receive content from you. Therefore, they are going to love these personal messages.

Emails help in building an experience that promises attention, awareness, and anticipation to come back again and again. When combined with the traditional marketing tactics, you are going to keep your customers informed and stay with you.

2. Customers for Real-Time

Emails have become one of the easy choices of communication. We all have been groomed to understand that emails are personal. Hence choose to drive people for your brand using email marketing techniques. If you are a retail brand or business based out of the internet, organize contests, and give away online. 25% of the sales last years have been attributed to the email marketing contests only. It is well observed that competitive nature is co-evolved in marketing survival. And emails can do them better.

With the participants, you can create a subset of people who will be interested in your products and offers. Therefore whenever you have an offer, you get to share them with the people who are exclusive about the discount, early bird price, a new collection or any other product launch. This will make them believe that you have a great deal for them at the same time you make a real-time conversion.

3. You can make it Personalized

When you send emails, what you are exactly doing is segmentation. Segmentation allows you to find people from your audience with similar needs and interest. There are various parameters, such as locations, traits, age, gender, buyer history, and more. This will ensure that your emails are relevant and set you in a track in making long-term new customers.

People have misunderstood that personalization is adding their names while sending emails. However, this is not the best way to accomplish it. Because experts say, Familiarity may sound fake and awkward, especially via emails.

To explain this better, while you write for social media, you address the whole audience who are interested in your content. Here with little variance emails, allow you to address individual people of similar interest. DMA found that 58% of the revenues are generated through segmented emails. While the market research found that there is a 760% increase in the revenue generated by the email campaign.

4. It is easy to measure

Many businesses are most likely to believe in email marketing because there is no guesswork. Most of the tools offer to track what happens to your campaign after sending. You can track the delivery rates, click through rates, open rate, and even unsubscribe rates. Get the picture of the campaign and how they performed before you sign up for the new ones.

The metrics are never to be ignored as they can improve your effectiveness. Email marketing metrics are monitored and strategized. You need to understand how your campaigns work daily. Say, for instance, if your audience is expecting daily emails, you better send them. It is the kind of value that you can give them.

One can derive many statistics and reports using email service providers. Some are highly helpful to conduct split testing for your emails. A/B testing can reveal which campaign can get more data and which subject line offers more open rates. With which you can measure, learn, and improve.

5. Cost Effective Solution

Email marketing is easy, effective, and inexpensive. They allow the business to reach to a large number of the target audience and find new customers in no time. They reach the rate of nothing but per message. Especially for people who have just started the business, this is a better choice compared o social media. Also, instead of choosing any traditional advertisement style, Television, Radio, and newspaper ads, Email marketing can help in boosting your business. Forrester Research reveals that 85% of the U.S Retailer believe Email Marketing makes the customer acquisition easier.

With emails, you can still create imagery that other traditional media can do. All you need to do is to make a little effort in bringing the high response rate. Therefore to get more positive responses and more quickly use email at the low cost. The cost-benefit increases three ROI in building a closer relationship with the recipients. More importantly, you can do the follow-up information on the campaigns you run for the organization.

6. People take actions

Importance of email marketing lies in the lead nurturing. The email marketing target potential leads who will be interested in taking the actions. If you closely observe everybody who has a mailbox, take one or other action with the incoming emails. Generally, they reply, forward, sign-up, click through, and some of them even start buying.

Have you ever thought about this? To put it simply, consider emails as transactional by nature. They bring direct traffic right away to your website. You can make the audience perform the action with either automotive triggers, or even a simple newsletter can do the job. Experian recommends transactional emails because they are capable of generating 6x Revenue and potentially increase the open and clicks at the rate of 8x.

By taking action, it is easy for any brand to create a buyer persona. This will help you not only in marketing but also when you design any new product. Every marketing campaign needs to move from the information to the buying cycle, which is determined by the actions taken.

7. Optimized functions

More than 65% of the emails are generally opened or read on mobile according to Digital.com because mobile devices are so common, and all the time people check their phones. While standing in the long queue at Starbucks, in the doctor’s office, during office commute, at a grocery store while billing everywhere. Email marketing can be optimized for the smartphones, tablets and on various screen sizes.

Most of them have misunderstood that people see social media. According to, but the truth is 91% of the people access to mail, but only 75% of them checks social networking. Therefore the message that you send needs high appealing power that will increase the curiosity to read it. Make sure they are optimized, and the readability buttons are suitable for the users.

8. Boost Brand Awareness

Who said social media is the only platform via which you can increase brand awareness. Email marketing possesses a strong perspective on bringing people who showed a different level of interest in your business. By sending an email, you become authentic, and messages become credible.

By which we do not mean you need to send four emails every single day. You will be thrown to spam mails if you do that. Instead, create an email campaign where you promote activeness within your audience and the local community. You do not have to keep selling just focus on brand awareness, and it will ensure buyers soon. You can easily create trust and add a sense of personality to your brand by following this pattern. Emails allow you to establish your brand even without organizing events are announcing bumper prizes for your customer. Custora studied the pattern and found for every campaign the business was able to acquire 27% of the emails through brand awareness only.

9. It’s timely and used by everyone

91% of the internet user access email daily states Hubspot survey. It is important for any business to approach them in the right fashion. Like social media is an important component in the business marketing strategy, Email is a great channel for wider communication. The personal relationship is well maintained, and conversion seems to be higher than expected.

The email marketing can be incorporated at any time or at any part of your business. The strategy is to make people believe that you remember them. At the same time, you never let them forget your brand. Every step you take in email marketing is well-informed, and the bounce rate time is quite fast. You can easily figure out where you have gone wrong and improve them timely.

Wrap Up

We have got you more than 9 reasons why emails are still a happening thing in the business. They are easy to implement, and the result is right on your hand.

Do you know why?

The reason is pretty much clear because the research by VentureBeat found that Email is the right channel to make the highest ROI for the marketers. Direct Marketing Association (DMA) Revealed that for every $1 spent on email marketing, it generated $40 in terms of ROI.

All you need to do is start with the few simple steps on how you can make your business communication stronger. Despite the size of the business, it is important to maintain the consistency to generate leads constantly. Your marketing strategy is simple, just get the list of people who want to hear from you. Craft email message and hit ‘Send.’ You are almost there!

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