5 Must-know Tips and Tricks for Quora Marketing

Quora has become one of the crucial sites that are used by businesses for promotion. Quora may look to you like a simple site that does not hold any lavish features like Instagram, Facebook, etc.

However, the platform in itself is unique, where people can ask any type of question in the hope of getting an answer from an expert. Quora was launched in 2009; since then, Quora has grown as a platform that now helps businesses to connect with the individual.

Smart marketers know about the potential of Quora. Digital marketing has become a new norm in the marketing world. The sites like google, Facebook, and Instagram are dominant marketing platform that is used by the marketers to grow a business.

Digital marketers use Quora as a tool to increase engagement for a brand or company. The platform has a huge customer base. According to the statistics, Quora receives about 200 million monthly users on a platform.

So, if you are someone new to the digital marketing and want to know about how Quora marketing can give edge to your business, you are at right place. In this article, we would like to discuss the benefit of Quora marketing. Later we would also like to share some of the case studies of a company that has earned huge profit with their Quora marketing.

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Why marketers like to use Quora

The first thing that you should realize is the purpose of using Quora. For a marketer, it is a great platform where they can dive into the experience of various people regarding a product or company.

For normal people, Quora is a place where they can post their queries, for which they get a reply from experts from around the world. A marketer can exploit such an opportunity and find out about the current issues that are troubling your current user base.

Moreover, you can even establish yourself as a trustworthy brand by answering people’s questions on the platform. Answering question on Quora is a perfect opportunity for companies and businesses to portray their expertise. Furthermore, it is a great way of engaging with the customer, which builds client trust in your company. You can even drive the people’s thought process by answering their questions. You can change their perspective about problems, and later you can promote your product or service as a solution to those problems.

As long as you know what you want to achieve with a platform, you can use Quora in numerous ways to promote your business.
Here are few strategic ways of using Quora to promote your business.

Who are people you like to interact with

Quora receives millions of users from around the world in a single day. First thing that you want to know who the people are you should look for to grow your business. Every question and answer on Quora shows some important numbers, such as how many people have replied and how many people have viewed the answer. Besides, to get more detail about how people are finding your content, you can click on “#views.” By clicking on “views,” you can see how the people are finding your content on Quora. People can arrive at your content in various ways. They can come to you by your profile, tagged topics, and or through random browsing.

Visiting your personal view page can provide you more detail, such as the people who have seen your content. By going over the list of people you can realize the group of people or avenues that can provide you maximum coverage.

The whole point of marketing via Quora is to grow your brand awareness and influence people. So, make sure to conduct research about people on Quora.

Make your content appealing by adding images

When you are answering a question or posting content on Quora, make sure to distinguish yourself as a brand. You are not just a random person answering people’s queries. You are a brand, a knowledgeable entity that can solve the person’s query. Make sure people realize that by going over your content. A great way of making the content engaging and appealing to the viewer is by adding images.

People are generally attracted to visual entities such as images. Moreover, having an image in your content makes you look knowledgeable, which is a perception you want to create among the population. Both the factor will play a crucial role in attracting readers on your content.

Use stats when answering people

The goal of answering people’s queries is to provide them the satisfaction. When you answer your reader, make sure to provide statistics sources and references to prove your claim. The reader approaches you to get a concrete answer. So, make sure to develop content that is straight, to the point, and answers the query.

Companies that have taken advantage of Quora marketing

To use the Quora platform for marketing, you do need a help of an expert that can help you in every way of digital marketing. There are challenges to digital marketing that you cannot handle on your own. Therefore, find the right digital marketing service that can help you reach the top.

Wish Pond

The Wish Pond is known for an engaging audience through Quora. The company regularly posts an answer to the question related to their services and products. In a single month, they have achieved 2300+ views, which lead to 13,470 website page views. Moreover, the phenomenon is helpful in improving their sales funnel.

Impact BND

The Impact BND is one of the companies that have experimented with online marketing on a different platform. According to their experience, Quora marketing stood out of all the 40+ experiments.

Brian Schuster

Brian Schuster is a developer and data scientist that have successfully use Quora. Brian Schuster started writing on Quora to improve his writing skill. Later, he realized the potential of the platform and, along with a friend, started to write about Blockchain Technology and how it affects cryptocurrency. The Brian Schuster interaction on Quora makes him a popular writer in the cryptocurrency world. In a particular month, Brian Schuster is able to achieve about 3500 upvotes, 1 million views, and 23 shares. The achievement on the Quora platform has significantly improved the traffic on his website, which ultimately improves his cryptocurrency business.

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