5 Ways Guest Posting Can Help You Build a Strong Online Presence

In the world where everything turns digital, customers are more and more determined to spend time researching products online. More than 97% of potential customers turn to Google to search for local businesses. This single fact is enough to prove that having a strong online presence is key to your marketing strategy, no matter what size your business is and what industry it belongs to.

There are a bunch of ways to help you boost your online visibility. But, one of the most overlooked, yet sought-after methods is guest posting.

Guest posting is inherently a two-way street: you can allow guests to write for your site to gain new traffic. Along the same line, you can also pitch your ideas and get the brand’s message published on other websites. Either way, it gives you exposure to a broader audience and higher your chances to get noticed by the search engine crawlers.

In this article, we’ll break down how guest posting can boost your online visibility and spread your brand awareness.

Reaching a wider high-potential audience

Writing blog posts and hoping for your target audience to discover it by themselves won’t do the trick. Therefore, it’s your job to take the initiative, which means reaching out to them first and spreading the words. This is where guest posting comes in handy.

Guest posting allows you to reach a broader audience. When your article gets published on other sites, the readers from the sites (who may never have heard of you) will discover you. And with a quality post, they may be interested in your website and quickly become your audience as well. So, in other words, guest blogging allows you to steal an audience from other authorized sites.

Once you get in front of your target audience, it becomes much easier for you to generate a large number of conversions and new customers while you build your brand. Also, with a wider, more specific audience, you can win over thousands of readers with a single guest post– which translates to a stronger online presence.

Driving more traffic to their website

Another perk of guest posting is the more quality of traffic that it drives to your website. Similar to reaching out to a wider audience, a quality guest post can exploit the already established online community of other sites and route them to yours.

The more you write a quality guest post, the more target audience will discover you. As a result, more people will visit your website. The link to your website that you include on your guest post will be live along for months or even years.

If your guest post is successful, those links bring in a steady stream of traffic to your website, giving your high-potential audience a better chance to get to know you more and see what else you can offer.

Your social media campaigns and SEO efforts might still aid you in driving organic traffic, but they can’t guarantee that you get the most relevant visitors. The more relevant traffic flowing through your website, the higher chances you have to improve your online presence.

Improving authority and credibility

If your guest post article got published by reputable and trusted sites, some of that trust rubs off on you. Those authoritative sites will give authority backlinks that up-levels your online credibility within the eyes of your audience.

The high-quality backlinks can boost your domain authority and show search engines that your site is worthy of high rankings. The fact is, the higher you rank on search engines, the more relevant and trust-worthy your website is.

Having a trustworthy website is one of the most effective ways to convince your audience to see you as an expert in your industry and begin to trust you and your articles. Once you get your online authority improving, more people will be interested in your articles and share it with their social networks without hesitation.

That’s how guest posting builds your online authority and credibility in your field. With an excellent online reputation, it’s now effortless to increase brand awareness and establish a substantial online presence that will improve the efficiency of your marketing efforts.

Boosting social media share

Remember, one of your purposes for guest posting is to increase your online presence. In this case, social media is no exception.

As most websites have social media share buttons on each post, guest posting can also be a useful tool to drive more conversation on social media– leading to massive networking opportunities.

Considering more than three billion users are on social media today, your potential for a large number of eyes on your articles is enormous. It offers you access to a whole new audience and market for your brand and business.

If you submit your article to a site that is active with their social media presence and updates, then shares come naturally once your article gets published. Also, it doesn’t only increase the number of social media shares to your post, but also the numbers of your following that can lead to a stronger presence on the platforms.

Building a relationship with other bloggers

Churning out more guest posts also offers you a unique opportunity to establish new connections in your online world. When you write a quality guest post for someone else’s site, you’ll add value to them. That’s how you can build a good relationship with other bloggers or website owners.

Having a good relationship with other bloggers allows you to get your name and brand out there in the content marketing sphere. When a blogger is familiar with your name and content, they’ll most likely be much more open to hosting you. This case is particularly useful, especially if you’re still a newbie to the scene.

Later down the road, a great relationship with other bloggers helps you to grow influence in the unique realms of online social networks, which will ultimately lead to a substantial online presence.

Wrapping Up

In today’s digital world, an online presence is more important than ever before. And as one of the most often-overlooked content marketing techniques, guest posting offers you unique, surefire ways to strengthen your brand and build your online presence. With all those assets mentioned above, now it’s time to consider churning out guest blogging as a crucial part of your content strategy.

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