Crucial Tips to Make Your Marketing Email More Captivating

Every day the world is driving to new methods of marketing and branding. But when we discuss marketing strategies and, at the same time, thinking of ways that can be budget-friendly, email marketing hits the mind.

Surely, email marketing is the way that outshines many others in terms of connectivity, such as, Chatbots, social media influencers, content marketing, etc. But, the thing that can be great and highly beneficial in building connections and trust at the same time is email marketing, and it can’t be argued.

Email marketing generates $38 for every $1 spent, which is great to hit the 3.9 billion email users, according to HubSpot.

The fact is tons of agencies are using email marketing to connect with their audience. But, I have seen several marketing emails that are lacking in captivating the audience.

Tips to Make your Email Marketing Captivating

But, don’t worry, as I got you covered to make your email marketing as perfect as the universe.
Have a look at some best tips to craft the perfect and captivating emails that can magnify your marketing strategies.

1. Compelling content is the key

The world is driving to new and advanced methods of digitalism. And in this picture, creating compelling and enchanting content is the key that opens the doors of success.

Have you ever read the written content of your emails? Is it creative, compelling, and captivating? The real thing is that content for emails must follow certain criteria. What do I mean with this? Keep reading.

  • The priority is to create valuable and high-quality content.
  • The general content may not work – you need to do customization.
  • Segment the audience and create compelling content according to the segmented audience.
  • Personalization does the magic. Personalized email messages improve their conversions to 14%.

2. Use captivating subject lines

35% of marketers send 3-5 emails to their customers in a week, yes it is a high amount, but one thing that needs to be focused is that these emails must be drafted properly. The subject lines of each email must be captivating and compelling.

Why is the subject line of an email so important? It is essential to crafting a compelling subject line as 47% of email recipients open emails based on the subject lines, and 69% of the emails get spammed only on the basis of the subject line.

The subject line has to be précised and compelling. The usage of sentences and paragraphs must attract readers.

3. A Targeted list is a must

To some of you, it might not be of importance. But in reality, it is! The segmented list is a must-have. It helps you track the sure leads. For example, you must have at least two prepared lists, one that details the sure leads or the clients ready to make a purchase.

The second is of the people who mostly don’t reply and is possibly of no use. But remember, your marketing email must be designed for both the list. It must have sentences and paragraphs for both kinds of audiences.

You must know how to nurture your existing leads for more in-future sales and, on the other hand, to those who are just visitors but can be turned into possible sales.

4. Marketers must be well-versed in different types of emails

After understanding the different audiences for targeting, the other vital factor in understanding is the importance and usage of different emails.

Email marketing brings excessive customers; for example, 59% of respondents say that marketing emails influence their buying decision. But, it happens when the exact niche is being targeted, using the appropriate email strategy.

You must know when to use promotional emails, transactional emails, relational emails, newsletters, etc. The correct usage of the email niche may result in higher leads.
The best tip here is always to send in the newsletter to your leads as they nurture more information, according to 31% of B2B marketers.

5. Understand the audience

The worldwide spending on email marketing is increasing at a significant rate. Only in the US in 2019, the overall expenditure on email marketing was $350 million. This investment will be of no use if you lack clarity on your audience. Understanding the audiences’ categories would solve a significant part for you.

  • When the new customers visit your site and place an order, the smart move is to use welcoming emails from Omnisend.
  • You just have to make sure to use compelling content in the email as you never know who is around the corner and what they expect of you.
  • Engaging the existing customers with your compelling emails is another must-do task.
  • The emails must comprise of content that engages and never let go of your leads.

6. Use data for segmentation

For making your email marketing campaigns more amazing, your data segmentation plays an important role. It allows you to make personalization efforts for your email marketing in an exciting way.

  • The perfect practice is to use picklists or lookup tables for fields and better customization.
  • Use different standardized fields in your data segmentation, such as file upload option, form submit-bar, or leave a review box.
  • Ensure that all the data is protected and served for the purpose.
  • To generate more leads, email marketing is still the best way. But it requires perfect strategies.

7. Try new things to amaze your recipients

It is human nature to get attracted to new things. The traditional emails and general bodies wouldn’t do the perfect job. In a world full of creativity, use unique and captivating techniques to make your email marketing more than just impressive.

  • The use of automation is of high demand with innovative templates and workflows.
  • Use emojis to add a humorous touch in your emails.
  • Analyze which tools and ways have worked before and try to use them consistently.
  • Build relations with existing and new customers using promotional and relational drafts.
  • You can use some features, too, when marketing through email for more creativity. For example, Mailchimp’s automation for transactional emails and blog-driven updates will do the job quite handily.

8. Email frequency must be re-imagined

The most commonly found mistake is that marketers send an excessive amount of emails to their subscribers or visitors that created the mood of frustration and often leads to permanent goodbyes.

The captivating email marketing strategy requires a segmented audience to which you send the minimum threshold of emails a day. Never send more emails then the threshold as it will make things uglier.

69% of consumers unsubscribe websites because of the excessive stuffing of emails in their inboxes. So, it is paramount to learn the frequency along with how to maximize the contextual and real engagement in each email by using their data in an efficient manner.

Using the right email frequency improves the open rates. Adobe case study presents that by reducing total emails by 16%, an improvement of 60% in open-rates is observed.

9. Make your emails crispy

I have seen several emails that look amateur and rather written in a tone that was used for like a decade before.

The emails you use for your marketing must be crispy and coherent. They must have the readability and engagement. For that, here are some points that you must add to your email marketing.

  • Never use long paragraphs. Instead, using short paragraphs with readable sentences is the new way of drafting.
  • Never forget to add the keywords that are trendy, and that would attract readers.
  • Readability increases with the short sentences and bullet points. Use them in your content to maximize the advantages.
  • Never load your content with the images. I know that images and infographics increase customer engagement, but using too many of them could lead you to lose your potential hit.
  • Use images sparingly and the one that illustrates the message accurately.
  • I have presented an excellent example of a newsletter template for you, with which you can surely increase the results.

10. Optimize for different devices

We are living in a world where the number of smartphone users has been increasing daily. Most of the business professionals and other people are using mobile phones to access their email accounts.

According to Convince and Convert, 35% of professional business checks emails on their mobile phones. This figure shows that optimizing your email marketing for various gadgets is of high importance.

If your email marketing isn’t mobile-friendly, then you are losing the potential number of clicks.
Remember that whatever medium you use, every sentence must present ideas and new things that readers find thrilling.

It’s a Wrap!

Email marketing is one of the most important parts of marketing in the digital world. Making mistakes in an email marketing strategy means you are losing great in the long run. It is crucial to create a compelling email that captivates the audience. The best usage will drive you to triumph.

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