Testing and accepting a new website (checklist and tools)

It’s worth getting to know which elements of the website can be checked and whether it’s worth checking them, as well as learn the easily available methods of verifying their proper functioning.


10 stages of the website creation process

This process may vary in details depending on the type and size of the project, but typically it consists of the same stages.


How to choose the best domain for a website?

One of the key aspects of a brand’s online presence is the address under which the content or functionality prepared by the company that owns the brand can be found.


Website development agreement (template)

It is worth concentrating on elements of the agreement for the development of a website which characterize it in relation to more general contracts.


Functional specification of web application (template)

Functional specification is a reflection of the application project; it determines its implementation and future shape.


Who to invite to the competition for a website, and how to choose the winner?

In this article, we will focus on who to invite to the contest, how to choose the winner and what to do after choosing the digital agency which will carry out the order.


NDA – Non-disclosure Agreement (template)

In order to protect against disclosure of confidential information by the other party, businesses sign non-disclosure agreements (NDA).


How to write a good brief for a website?

Brief is a document which allows the potential contractor to obtain key information about the commissioner’s needs along with the basic data about him – these are necessary to prepare an offer.


How to put a contract for a website creator out to tender?

Each project is different but there are some rules that allow you to increase your chances to gather valuable bids from digital agencies.